Translations related to legal sphere and used for information exchange among people, speaking different languages

Legal translation
Ellen Translation Agency provides services for legal documentation handling. We provide professional translation of legal texts – translation of contracts, certificates, powers of attorney and other types of documents from different languages of the world: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German and French. Translation of legal documents and texts in Kiev
We offer professional legal translation in Kiev for the following types of documents:
• Incorporation documentation;
• Applications and powers of attorney;
• Insurance documents;
• All types of certificates for copyright and patent rights;
• Evaluation documentation of property and non-property rights;
• Delivered decisions through the International and Arbitration Court;
• Translation of contracts and agreements;
• Other types of documents.
We also carry out a translation with a notarization, which we carry out fairly quickly, thanks to the cooperation with a number of notary offices.
When translating any text, regardless of its characteristics, attentive and careful attitude is required. Translation of legal texts requires this to a greater extent, since some of the terms used are ambiguous. To avoid the appearance of ambiguity in the translated document, the specialist must have extensive knowledge and understand the meaning of the terms. In addition, for a successful result, it is necessary to have legal literacy and an understanding of the features of the laws of the country, from the language of which the legal translation is performed. If these conditions are not met or are not fully met, this may lead to a distortion of the meaning of the document. For example, a legal English term may have a different interpretation than in a situation where translation into English is performed from an artistic source. There are cases when literally one mistake in a word or even a letter leads to negative legal or financial consequences.
Benefits of Ellen Translation Agency
The staff of our translation bureau at a professional level commands foreign languages, have in-depth knowledge of law and have extensive practice. We offer legal translation from and into the language of more than fifty countries. You can leave a request not only to work with the language of the European group (for example if translation of texts from French into Russian or legal English is required), we also carry out orders with texts in the languages of the Eastern Group and the CIS countries.
Benefits that our customers receive:
• Maximum accuracy of text translation;
• Confidentiality Guarantee;
• Strict adherence to deadlines;
• Taking into account all the requirements and wishes;
• A wide range of additional services (translation with notarization, legalization, apostille, reclamation and delivery of documentation, etc.).
What it is required to know when ordering
If you order a legal translation of texts in our bureau, you must indicate the desired form for stating for proper nouns when filling out the request. These include the names and surnames of individuals, as well as the names of organizations that will appear in the text. This must be done regardless of whether the text will be translated from a foreign language into Russian or vice versa. For example, the translation of texts from French into Russian will require the spelling of proper nouns in Cyrillic, and the translation into English – in Latin letters. Our qualified staff will provide operational support if you need a professional legal translation in Kiev. We will be glad to translate texts for you providing a whole range of basic and additional services.