Apostille on documents
it is a standardized certificate or stamp (entitled “Apostille”) affixed to documents or executed as an appendix to them

WHAT IS AN APOSTIL? Any person, who travels abroad, can face the fact that his documents will be recognized as invalid or inappropriately formalized. Therefore, before travelling abroad, you should spend time to prepare documents.
The best way to protect against such situation is to put the stamp «Apostille» on all documents, required when crossing the border. It is mandatory to stamp birth certificates of children, diplomas of educational institutions, as well as other legal and official papers. The stamp «Apostille» is a highly demanded service. The procedure, as a rule, is used by people, planning to visit foreign states and who are required to provide documents to public services.
Herewith there are several exceptions, in which certification of documents is not required:
• In the public service of the foreign state there is no practice of accepting documents, certified by the apostille.
• Diplomatic arrangements between countries allow circulation of documents without apostille.
• If the document does not have circulation abroad, the apostille is not required on it.
According to the convention, approved in Hague on the fifth of October, 1961, the stamp «Apostille» is the unconditional basis for adoption of the official document in public authorities of participating countries of the Agreement. Apostille certifies the signature of the official person and the seal of organization, which certified the document.

Apostille on documents

The number of states, which recognize the apostille, includes practically all Commonwwealth Independent States (CIS) countries, many European states, as well as United States of America (USA), China and countries of Latin America.
To put the apostille to organization, which has the authority to do so, it is necessary to provide either the document itself or its copy thereof, which must be certified by the notary. By the end of the procedure the document is guaranteed to be accepted in the public body of any country, participating in the Agreement. Apostille on documents, translation of documents in Kyiv.
The imprint of the apostille is prohibited to be copied, the original stamp must be present on the presented document. Papers, certified by the apostille, should not contain corrections.The text of the stamp itself must strictly meet standards and be written in the language of the state, which uses it. The title of the document to be certified must consist of the approved entry in French.
Currently the list of documents, for which the apostille is allowed, is not determined. Theoretically any document can be certified with this stamp. Organizations, authorized to perform similar rocedure, are also not standardized. For example, Ukraine issued such permission only to Ministries of Education, Justice, as well as Foreign Affairs. The procedure itself is available in several large regional centers, as well as in the capital. Thus, to certify documents with apostille, it is not necessary to visit Kyiv. Undoubtedly, such circumstance allows people to save time and money, which is very convenient. Translation and apostille of documents in Kyiv, delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine.