Apostille special stamp certifying the validity of signatures, status of persons, seals; confirmation of signatures and seals on official documents

The apostille is used in the states parties to the 1961 Hague Convention and is a simplified way of legalizing documents. After apostilization, the authenticated original acquires legal force and can be used in the territory of the respective country.
Apostille of documents Kyiv, high-quality translation of documents.

Apostille for diploma
Legal procedure confirmation of documents of their authenticity

Apostille on documents
Apostille is the basis for the adoption of the document

What is an apostille?
Apostille – this is a stamp in the shape of a square with a side of 9 by 9 centimeters.

An apostille is a stamp of a special type, which is affixed to official documents and certifies the authenticity of the signatures. and seals holding the original. Our translation agency provides assistance in obtaining the apostil of documents in government authorities. Apostille in Kyiv is affixed exclusively to the originals issued by official authorities:
• diplomas, certificates of eduction, academic certificates;
• various certificates – about the state of health, about the non-conviction, from the place of residence and others;
• powers of attorney, statements and other documents compiled by a notary;
• documents issued by the judicial authorities;
• constituent and other documentation of legal entities.