Apostille for diploma
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine puts an apostille on documents on education or academic degree issued by educational institutions, state bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations
Apostilling of the government-issued documents about secondary or higher education is performed when the validity of the diploma needs to be confirmed using international standardized procedures. Such need emerges when you are about to travel to other countries for permanent residence or education, for the purpose of advanced training or business creation. The universal international apostille stamp confirms the legitimacy of your educational documents in the territories of other countries. A legal procedure for verifying documents using an apostille is recognized by all member countries of the Hague Convention.
Documents certified by the international apostille stamp do not pass validity checks in the country of their owner’s presence, and can be used for continuing education, employment, or resolving of other social or educational issues. Unlike the procedure of legalization, confirming the validity of education documents in one certain country, apostilling affords an opportunity to use diplomas and certificates legally within the states that have signed the Hague Convention. The employees of our translation agency will provide you with comprehensive information on all issues regarding the process of obtaining an apostille for a diploma, an apostille for a graduation certificate, as well as legalization of those documents abroad. We have an extensive experience in this field and guarantee the reliability of the apostille affixing procedure in Ukraine. When we perform the documents apostilling procedure, the Agency arranges verification of diplomas and certificates in the Ministry of Education in Kyiv.


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The following facts are established in the verification process:
• the fact of completing the studies at a particular educational institution, the presence of documents confirming the award of a diploma;
• the presence and authenticity of all signatures on the government-issued documents;
• the legitimacy of officials’ signatures on the document:
• compliance of all document attributes with all established requirements, including the authenticity and conformity of the seal affixing the document.
It should be noted that the apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine is put only on the original document. To obtain the “Apostille” stamp, you need to provide the original diploma with its copy. It is not necessary to certify a copy of the diploma in the notarial form.

The Ministry of Education does not accept the documents for apostilling in the following cases:
the damaged document and illegibility of the records;
• the presence of unspecified records and notes not provided by the standard form in the text of the document;
• the apostilling procedure does not apply to the country of the planned departure, if the latter is not included in the list of states with a simplified documents legalization system. If it is impossible to obtain the samples of the signatures in the document and the impresses of the seals for verifying, the diploma is returned to the applicant without performing the apostilling procedure
These requirements are identical both for obtaining an apostille for a diploma, and an apostille for a graduation certificate. Apostilling of the documents about education begins with their translation into the language of the country where you are planning to go. The procedure itself for confirming the validity of a diploma in different countries has its own peculiarities and nuances of translation. By using our services, you receive the opportunity without hassle, promptly and with minimal financial costs, to obtain an international apostille stamp on a diploma. We’ll be glad to help you!