Consecutive translation is one of the modes of oral translation in which the interpreter begins to translate into the language of the translation after the speaker has stopped speaking, having finished the whole or a part of the speech.

One of the most necessary services in the field of translation is considered to be the consecutive translation, which is required in holding various events with the participation of foreign guests. A distinctive feature of such a translation is the presence of pauses in the speech of the speaker, during which is carried out the translation of his speech.

The consecutive translation is often confused with similar simultaneous translation. The customers who turn to the company are often not understand very well the details. The type of necessary translation is determined only through communication with the customer. In fact, the simultaneous and consistent translation are completely different concepts. The speaker does not need to pause during the simultaneous translation. The translation is carried out simultaneously with the speech, in contrast to the consecutive translation. Unfortunately, the difference between the terms is not always understood by the people who very rarely face the translations.

The main purpose of consecutive translation is to provide support for events where the number of invited participants is quite small:

  • Negotiations between business partners registered in different countries;
  • Similar negotiations that are done over the phone;
  • International seminars, round tables and business meetings, provided the number of participants in such events is not very large;
  • Press conferences and briefings organized by government and business structures;
  • Presentations of significant events and exhibitions of various orientations;
  • Ensuring the interaction of foreign and domestic experts in the installation and configuration of technical systems;
  • Reception of foreign delegations and their support during the business trips and various excursion programs;
  • Translation of court debates during the process;
  • Support of translation of notarial agreements with the participation of a foreign partner.

The great advantage of consecutive translation is that such services can be provided by one qualified professional. At the same time, he can provide support for the event throughout the whole day. The quality of delivered information does not suffer at all.

The Ellen-Kyiv Translation Agency first announced itself in 2010. All this time, the highly qualified specialists who are in the company’s staff, provide quality translation services, both consecutive and simultaneous.

The staff of the translation agency provides the language support for the events conducted in most of European languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German). Specialized topics such as law, economics, medicine, technical issues, and the world of finance and business may be initiated at such meetings.

The specialists of the center will provide high-quality support for such events, providing accessible and easy-to-understand translation.