Website localization

The official website is not only a business card, but also the face of the company on the Internet. That is why the creation of the website should be approached very responsibly, because its main goal is to attract new customers and employees, as well as providing the visitor with comprehensive and reliable information on the particular topic. Without this, the website will never become popular and will not bring profit to its owner. In order to succeed and attract as many potential customers as possible, the site owners increasingly turn to specialists to translate the sites and site pages.

Translating a website is not an easy task. The final text of the site must be correct and readable. Also, the needs of the target audience for which the information on the site was designed for and the specifics of another language, must be taken into account. The content of the site must comply with the general regulations and in no way distort the content of the provided materials.

Today, the website translation is one of the most popular services, because it is a great way to promote your resource on the global network. Attracting more and more visitors who speak different languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish. The right decision would be to entrust the translation to a native speaker who is able to provide information to the users in the most advantageous adapted form.

The illiteracy in translation will damage the company’s reputation and will definitely negatively affect the success of the project. Therefore, it is recommended to turn to the specialists who can analyze the content of the site and offer solutions to possible cultural inconsistencies.

Ellen-Kyiv Translation Agency provides the following translation services:

  • partial translation of content;
  • full translation of content;
  • constant support of the website;
  • translation of graphic information;
  • translation of documentation;
  • translation of software, etc.

We are confident in the quality of provided services.