Simultaneous translation is one of the most complex modes of interpretation, in which the translator interprets simultaneously, at the same time with the hearing of the initial speech.

The simultaneous interpretation is performed orally and for its implementation is required a special equipment. It is present and compulsory so that a simultaneous interpreter can translate the language of foreigners at the same time as they are speaking, without waiting for the language pauses. The main feature of the simultaneous translation is that the whole work is performed simultaneously with verbal, oral perception. There is a special system at the translator’s workplace. It can be both stationary and wireless. But, nevertheless, as a rule, the system of simultaneous translation is in a special cabin, there the translator works. The system includes: 1) 2 pairs of headphones. At the same time, the kit for the translator includes isolation, it helps not to drown out the voice of the speaker. 2) The microphone. 3) The microphones, or special receivers, which should be exactly as many as there are foreign guests.

Photo reports how the cabin looks like. Size of the cabin

The translation that is performed is supplied by the headphones to each participant, through the use of a special amplification equipment..

Except of such oral interpretation, there are several options for services: 1. From the letter. The letter is sent to the translator, for example, if you need a translation of documents for embassies, which is requested from the translation agency or any other documentation, including medical. However, in this case it is better to invite a medical interpreter to the meeting, as he is more competent in this matter than a specialist who conducts business affairs. During the business meeting of partners, papers are reviewed and adjustments are made, information is supplemented during the conversation. 2. Simultaneous reading of the text that has already been translated. In this case, it is necessary to monitor only the course of speech. This version of the work is used when translating films, for example, from English into Ukrainian. The specialists of such level will always be in demand, especially in the large cities and capitals. The simultaneous translation, Kyiv. There will always be work, at least as long as the negotiations and agreements are concluded. However, it should be noted that its cost is slightly more expensive than the consecutive version of the translation, as it is impossible to do without the equipment. But it has also an advantage that will not be able to catch up with the consecutive option: the interlocutor does not have to interrupt his speech in order for others understanding of his opinion. With this approach, the time of the meeting is reduced significantly.