Oral translation

is a service that connects a translator with people who want to find a common language with each other but do not speak the same language.

Oral translation is the audio reproduction of the meaning of information in a language which is different from the one that was used to compile it. It is characterized by the fact that the fixation occurs orally. This type of translation can involve both the transmission of oral and written text. Oral translation requires a high level of language proficiency from a specialist. The translation time is severely limited. There is no opportunity to think about translation options, to look in the dictionary. The balance and speed of reaction are necessary. The purpose of interpreting is not literal, but the transfer of meaning of the statement, its emotionality.

As a rule, there are such types of interpreting as a consecutive and simultaneous.

The consecutive translation is an interpreting that is sounded during the pauses specially done by the speaker during the speech. The interpreter have to wait for the speaker to stop, after that he can translate what he has heard for all present. In addition to a high level of foreign language and information skills, a specialist who performs such a translation must have an excellent memory and be able to work with the audience. The consecutive translations are often used during the stage performances, when a personal translator accompanies the speaker. In this case, the necessary are the voice skills, the basics of a “theatrical language” will not prevent.

The simultaneous translation is an interpreting that is performed during the speech, at the same time with the reproduction of the text in the original language. The parallel dubbing of information in several languages ​​complicates the perception. Therefore, the special techniques are used for the simultaneous translation. Simultaneous interpreting is indispensable at official events with a large number of listeners who speak different languages, for example, during the meetings of the international organizations, press conferences, symposia and presentations.

The translation agency employs the high-level specialists, simultaneous translators and masters of consecutive translation. They are fluent in all languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German). It is also not difficult to translate the technical texts, legal, medical, as well as the texts that cover the business, economics and finance.

Every day, the specialists working in the translation agency are involved in various international events. In our arsenal there are translations of negotiations with foreign partners, conferences, symposiums, meetings. We provide support for the exhibitions, installation of foreign equipment, help to establish contact with specialists from abroad. We can be found even on the construction sites.

Contacting us for the translation is a sign of the event of a high level and a guarantee of mutual understanding with a foreign partner, the satisfaction of foreign guests with the held presentation. We are as punctual as the Germans and hardworking as the Japanese.