TEXT TRANSLATION – activities for interpreting the meaning of a text in one language (source language) and creating a new equivalent text in another language (translating language)

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Translation of scientific texts and articles
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Economic transation
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Medical transation

It’s not a secret that the good translator should be able to translate qualitatively the maximally large amount of information in maximally short terms. Translation stylistics directly depends on the area, in which the work is carried out. Image Caption Herewith it`s completely not important whether translation is carried out from Russian into Ukrainian, or it is necessary to translate the English text, for example, into Spanish.
However, it is worth noting the fact that it is much more difficult to translate the text from Russian into English. It can be explained by the fact that Russian speech is enriched with the large number of diminutive words, synonyms, overflows and comparisons. Actually, try to translate text of the phrase, for example, «I love you, Bunny» into strict, ordered English, in which in any case you can not change any word in places.
Any particle of speech can be overlooked. In Russian, in order to ask something, it`s not even necessary to put any question words, it’s simply enough to highlight the phrase with the help of the voice. English will not tolerate similar mockery over itself. Phrase-statement: «You like this book» – You like this book. In interrogative form it will sound like that: «Do you like this book?». Herewith it is worth considering that the number of auxiliary words directly depends not even on the meaning of the sentence as a whole, but on the tense, which is expressed in it.

Russian language has only 3 tenses. In English there are more than a dozen of tenses. Even Past Simple Tense can be expressed in several ways, for example, Past Perfect Tense or Past Continuous Tense. Meaning of the sentence as a whole, its structure and words, which are not translated, but only indicate the time interval.
Website translation
The official website is not just a business card, but also the face of the company on the Internet. That’s why you should approach the creation of a web site very much Responsible, because its main goal is to attract new clients and employees, and also provide the visitor with exhaustive and reliable information on a specific topic.

Character of the text sets the tone for the translator. If it is required to make translation of the literary text, some deviations are allowable, herewith legal and medical subjects require for themselves special accuracy and attention to subtleties along with mathematics. If it is about scenario of the game or movie, then the street jargon, which is not necessary to be translated in literary language, is quite appropriate, it`s simply enough to pick up the expression, which will maximally correspond to the emotional coloring. By the way, by translation the translation of stable expressions should also be taken into consideration. For example, two words, identical in meaning, «Flat» and «Home». Both words are allowable to be translated as a house, but the first denotes, rather, the temporary place of residence. The word «Home» is applicable to the place, which the heart loves. For example, the house of parents or beloved person. There is also the «House» – the country house. There is only one expression «Sweet home», «welcome home», two other words can not be applied in this case.