Technical translation
is applied for exchange of technical-and-scientific information between people speaking different languages

Technical text even in your own language is quite specific. Even if you know foreign language at an acceptable level, to get worthful result is better to ask for the help of a specialist. An ordinary dictionary is not enough here. English technical text has many features and differences compared to the translation of literary texts. This kind of translation is mainly taught at schools and Universities. So, technical translation is:
• Formal business style;
• Exact, emotionless texts;
• Amount of terms of Latin and Greek origin;
• Specific grammar, strict, determined norms.
As you know, there are a lot of phrasal verbs in English language that are of particular importance in a certain context. And technical language is also complicated because of specific terms and hardly-translated notations. The same phrase in literary text and in a scientific article can have a completely different translation. Therefore, in order not to get into trouble, it is better to entrust the translation of technical texts to professionals. When choosing a partner to translate technical documents, you should pay attention to the candidate’s portfolio and the team of specialists. To make a high-quality technical translation in Kyiv, you just need to use the services of Ellen Translation Bureau. Our experts, specialising in technical translations, will do their work quickly and competently, so you will receive guaranteed high level of service at a fair price. So, you as a customer should:
• Provide technical text in a foreign language;
• Discuss all details with the manager and fill the order;
• Get lots of free time to solve pressing problems;
• Enjoy the result at the appointed time
Our specialists work with technical texts in different foreign languages. Most orders are translated from English and German. But, if necessary, you can order reverse translation, or work with texts in other languages. In any case, if you need an adequate technical translation of the text, you can always contact Ellen Translation Bureau. You will face to warm welcome, quality work and a lot of pleasant impressions. Technical translation of texts and documents from English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Polish.