Medical translation
translation of specialized medical texts whose content is directly related to human health
Medical translation Kyiv for today provides world-class medical translations. At the same time, we should not forget that first of all the translation of medical texts is a highly specialized direction which requires a special training from a specialist.
It’s no secret that medical English has its own specifics, and primarily it has a special terminology, therefore it is extremely difficult to translate the medical text even for the experienced, but far from medicine translator. Because of this the medical translation from English, as well as the medical translation from German or from any other language in translation agency Ellen, is carried out exclusively by specialists with special education and considerable experience enabling them to perform any translation impeccably.
A similar approachis the guarantee of high quality provided by the Ellen Translation Bureau to clients who have ordered translations of medical texts. In this case, both the translation of texts into English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Belorussian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian and the translation of texts from English, if necessary, specialists working in the translation agency are ready to execute in rather short terms without prejudice to the content and style.
Translation agency Ellen offers qualified medical translation:
• translation of medical articles, abstracts, monographs;
• medical translation of texts about maintaining the clinical tests of drugs, including translations medical texts-reports, texts for informational and advertising brochures, manuals, guidelines etc.;
• medical translation of the text of extracts, references, results of surveys and stories of illnesses;
• translation of texts into English and medical translation from English, as well as into German and from German of registration documentation and certificates for the official approval of new medical drugs;
• medical translation of operating instructions in usage of special medical equipment from English and German;
• translation of medical texts including informational brochures, medicinal product labels, prospectuses for consumers, advertising materials including the translation of medical articles;
• translation of medical texts of somewhat specialized literature.
For everyone who needs such a service as a medical translation, Kiev offers a lot of options. At the same time our translation agency Kiev has a number of advantages. Our medical English is immaculate, our approach to work convinces customers of correctness of their choice. Our specialists translate medical texts of any degree of complexity qualitatively, correctly and in the most favorable terms for the customer.